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    Quartz crystals come in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colors, including the popular amethyst quartz. Click here to view our quartz crystals currently available.


    While calcites do not have as well defined crystal structures as Quartz, They do have their own unique structures and characters. Click here to view our calcite crystals currently available.


    Halites are natural salt crystal  which form in the Earth. Click here to view our halite crystals currently available.


     Hemimorphite is a unique mineral, with different crystal terminations on each side of a single crystal. This habit is responsible for Hemimorphite's name, from the Greek hemi, meaning "half" and morph, meaning shape. 

    Click Here to view our hemimorphite crystals currently available


    Gypsum entails a variety of forms and shapes. While usually found as white or transparent, contaminants in the environment may add to color and character. It can be found naturally as alabaster, Satinspar, or Selenite. Click here to view our different types of Gypsum available.


    Sulfides an ore based mineral which includes Pyrite,Marcasite, Galena, Hematite, and Sulfur Crystals. Click here to view our sufide Crystals currently available.